Jenny Norin

Born in Jämtland, Sweden, a region known for its wilderness, I grew up spending my time at my grandparents' farm, in the mountains skiing, and on a dropzone (my dad being a skydiver).


I started skydiving as soon as I was old enough and at the age of 23, I realised that flying was more than a hobby so I decided to dedicate all my time to my passion.


At first, I financed my flying by working as a tandem photographer, a couple of years later I got my first tunnel instructor job and since then it's been full on.


In 2016 I was asked to join the team Joyriders. To get adopted by a female air sports team like this is the biggest gift in my skydiving career.

The skydiving community is unique in the sense that so many people are willing to give, develop themselves and live a passionate life. Being part of the Joyriders makes me more motivated than ever to give back and share my experience with our beautiful community.

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The Joyriders // Magic Mountain // Skiple // Voss // 5706 // Norway


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