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Formed in 2011, an all-female airports team with a mission, united to travel the world, fly hard and spread joy whilst doing so! The Joyriders quickly became a platform for 6 girls with the same ambitions, to promote female excellence through airports, to push the limits of human flight and to inspire others to do so too!


Today our members, from 5 different countries, are recognized worldwide, and considered by many as some of the most talented, all round pilots of their time, holding countless titles and records between them!

Our passion grows daily and is fuelled by the joy we experience flying, and sharing our love for flight.


From coaching events to competitions, and demo appearances to training, the team is constantly moving across the globe in the pursuit of flight at its finest.

If you want to join us for the ride, here is your road map!


We hope you find what you are looking for




The Joyriders



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