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Building Resilience

By Domitille Kiger

Viktor E. Frankl in his powerful book "Man's search for meaning", evoques "the  human capacity to creatively turn life’s negative aspects into something positive and constructive".


In this highly personal talk, drawing from Domi's story of loss and grief, she'll take you on a journey to discover what you can do to build up resilience, and find meaning and growth opportunity in even difficult times

The Road to Victory

By Sharon Har-Noy

What does it take to be the best at what you do? To be the best at your sport? What does the road of a champion look like? This recorded presentation follows the journey of three the world's most inspirational female athletes. Addressing their motivations, setbacks, and victories. Followed by a diiscussion of how their stories relate to us and our P19 mission.

Skydiving coaching: How can we teach better ?

By Domitille Kiger

In this 40min keynote Domi is sharing with her audience what she wishes she could have shared with her 20 year old self, as she was embarking into this journey of being a professional skydiver. She talks about a wide range of topics, from visualisation to the importance of sleep in the learning process, and shares insight on how to be the best teacher you can be. Whether you are an aspiring freefly coach or just interested in understanding better how skydiving is taught, join us for the ride !

By Sharon Har-Noy

The late increase in the  popularity of angle jumps, dynamic flying and tracking jumps, brings new challenges that require jumpers to pay special attention to its unique characteristics. Here are a few basics you should consider if you are a part of this growing community.

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