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The secret of getting better? Training !


With team members holding multiple world and national titles and records, combining years of experience in training, coaching, demos and event organizing, we know what improving is all about. Therefore, we can cater to all your needs, in Freefly, VFS,  Dynamic, Angle or BigWay.

We strive to help you improve your skills, plan your event or execute  your stunt in the safest,  most efficient and joyfull way possible !

Whatever your experience, your goal or your project is, we can make it happen !

Tunnel and Sky coaching


Whether you are an individual looking for one-on-one coaching in the sky or in the tunnel, a team looking to excel in competition, or a group of friends wanting to acquire a certain set of skills, you’ve come to the right place.

We provide  in-depth coaching on everything from flying techniques to the appropriate mental and physical preparation required for a competition or a record. We have a profound understanding of pedagogy and will adapt our teaching to YOUR needs and personality.

Each training session includes a briefing, the flight with the coach, and a video debrief, ensuring the maximum benefit and progression.

You can join us in one of our scheduled sky skills camp or tunnel camp or               contact us to organise a tailored camp for you at your local drop zone or tunnel.


Event organizing 


From Australia to Europe,  North Africa, South or North America,  a big part of our year is dedicated to boogies and events.

From forming the right group to providing a fun-filled and safe flying environment, while making sure everyone learns and have the time of their lives, we’ll put our experience at your service.

We also have our own set of events, mostly women related, like Women's Vertical World, European or  National Records, Women invitationals. We have also organised some of the most successful and famous boogies in Europe like the Voss Freefly Festival or the Vector Festival. We are organised, competent, and know how to make huge events happen and run smoothly.

Whether you are an event organizer looking for  experienced and good vibe LO’s, or a drop zone or tunnel looking to host one of our events, get in touch!


Demos and stunt work


The Joy Riders have decades of skydiving, tunnel flying and BASE experience. We are all experienced demonstration jumpers. We live and travel all over the world jumping, coaching and performing stunts. We have approachable, friendly attitudes that allow us to work a crowd and perform in front of a camera.

We have the skills and personalities to make your demonstration jumps and stunts successful amd memorable.

We have commercial and movie experience. We have the skill to pull off technical and advanced skydiving stunts including anything from landing in a tight area, to jumping different outfits, or with different objects, flying our bodies any way possible and so much more!

If you have a vision for a stunt or a need for demonstration jumpers, we can help. Give us a shout.

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