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The Joyriders in action

The Joyriders XP on Epic TV

A short introduction of the Joyriding individuals 

Female skydivers set new free fall record

63 Female Skydivers Set Vertical Skydiving World Record at Skydive Arizona on Dec 2013.



Girls can base. 16 way world record

Summer 2013 loads of girls got together at the Heli-Boogie in Kjerag, Norway to have fun and BASE jump. Hege, together with 15 other badass females, jumped together off exit 6 and set the unofficial world record.

Off The Wall with Opera Browser

Got the right gear? No matter what challenge you've set yourself, being prepared is the first step. Opera is a web browser that gives you the tools to discover -- and go further than you thought you could..

Wingsuit base fly face

Loads of fun and good times with friends in 2012. Music: Yeah yeah yeahs, Zero

Back on my Bullshit - Introducing Midgetbase

Music by Slim B & Horvei the Greatness.Single available in iTunes Store

Base porn. Womens world record 2012

28th of september 10 bad ass women set a new world record in Kuala Lumpur, jumping all at the same time off THE tower. The old record was an 8 way in Kjerag. Music: Emiliana Torrini, Jungle Drum

Wingsuit Norway, the few sunny days we got in 2011

Midgetbase Kittycat having fun ... summer 2011 a little proxi-flying done in the safe feminine way.

All music by Philter:

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