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JoyRiders BASE

BASE-jumping is considered the ‘mother’ of extreme sports. In an environment that leaves no room for error, the adrenalin is always pumping and the limits are constantly being pushed.    

BASE jumpers are parachuting from fixed structures like buildings, antennas, span, and Earth (cliffs). The word "BASE" is actually an acronym for those four categories.

We at the Joyriders have two of the most talented, accomplished female base jumpers out there.

Kjersti has been on the podium in several BASE wingsuit-competitions in Norway and Switzerland. You can see her on commercials for Opera browser, Altra shoes, and Chess mobile.

Hege is now head of the BASE events in the Extreme Sports Week in Voss. Follow Hege’s you tube channel to see her cool edits and exciting adventures.

If you want to meet the Joyrider BASE crew, you are most likely to find them on the big cliffs of Norway or any of the Alps.

See you there?!


Base Riders

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