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Rosi Sigmon

Customer service and marketing manager UPT

Joyriders….should probably translate to the most kick ass, dynamic, talented group of people I've ever met and have the pleasure of working with - and the fact they are all female means they're pretty to look at too:). I have nothing but the highest praise for this group - they represented heavily at the Vector Festival 2014 as organizers, and from my point of view incredibly easy to work with, and a definite crowd pleaser for the attendees. They achieve the perfect balance of professionalism, talent and huge fun, and they take their mission very seriously….to spread joy wherever they go. They are so on it:)


Karine Provost

Student, Canada

I flew with Sharon in the tunnel. She was, by far, the most passionate, dedicated and able to share her knowledge in a way that nobody else I’ve worked with could … She’s a amazing coach and a good friend of mine. She helped me become a better flyer and a better person…

Domi was our artistic freefly coach on our way to the World Parachuting Championship in 2014. She is outgoing, energetic and strived for our team’s success. I truly love her as an individual.

Amy is a very beautiful inspiration for all the women in the sport. She came in Montreal organizing at the Tokaya Chicks Boogie I organized in Canada and she was amazing. She helped me throughout my goal I had to participate at the Women's Vertical World Record. I will be forever grateful for when she has done for me.

Anna, well, I’ve never had the chance to work with her although we met at the Women’s Vertical World Record, but have only heard good things about her and her flying/coaching/organizing abilities. It was a no-brainer for me to get her to come to Nouvel Air this summer to organize for PDJama Party 2015. I could feel her vibe and her strong positive energy.

I’m a big fan of the JOYRIDERS


Arnaud Complainville

Student, France

I had the occasion to participate to the French Head Down record organized by Domi, as well as a tunnel camp coached by her.

I've known Domi for many years, since the early beginnings of her involvement in freefly competitions, and I have to say that I have seen her become a real professional coach both in the sky and in the tunnel.

During the French head down record, we were penalized by the low altitude allowed by the controllers (4300m for an objective of 60 freeflyers...). In face of this big disappointment, Domi and the other organizers managed to turn that set-back into a motivation factor that tightly linked all of us to take up the challenge. And we made it! I do not think it could have worked without the dedication of those coaches and the positive and fun atmosphere that they were able to create.

And Domi did all of that while managing her life by answering to emails and reading books on her iphone during each plane climb of each record attempt...

During the tunnel camp I attended, Domi also did a great job. I was impressed by her patience with students who had big difficulties learning, and she contaminated me with her passion for dynamic flight, which inspired me to train in that new direction.

I know less the other Joyriders, but clearly Domi rocks! Not only by her skydivers skills, but also and more importantly by her human qualities.

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