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Huge thanks to our supporters

We are lucky to be supported by the leading brands in and out of the sport. These relationships are vital to us, as they allow us to do what we love, in the best, safest way possible. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our favorite brands and why we love them.


United Parachute Technologies is by far one of the giants of the skydiving industry! The company, which manufactures the Vector 3,  was founded by Bill Booth back in 1979 in his garage in Miami. Since then UPT has been at the forefront of all major developments in our sport including Tandem skydiving that opened up the world of skydiving to all!

Most of all UPT have developed equipment that allows us to fly the way we love… FAST :) so it is our greatest honour and pleasure to be supported by them.

Performance Designs

Performance Designs’s commitment to the skydiving community began over 20 years ago, and they are still the leading brand in canopy manufacturing for the skydiving industry. We are positively thrilled and honored to be provided with high performance wings for countless rides from 14000 feet safely to the ground.

PD has also been a major actor in our canopy progression, not only providing us with new wings, but with the knowledge and incentive to use them at their full potential, opening a whole new world for us.


Our friend from denmark are  simply the best. They provide the team with digital and audible altimeters that are essential to the types of jumps we do.  From the first “DYTTER” to the nowadays wrist band digital “Viso”, or multi altitude ringtone  audible “Optima” or “Quattro”, the company has been supporting skydivers since the late 1970’s with perfect solutions and constant developments.

If you are a skydiver, you might have heard of them for having the most outstanding customer service. Whatever happened to your device, and whatever you need, you can be sure that they will find a solution to repair/replace and help you with the best of their abilities.

Boogie man

Boogieman is a french, Paris based company that has been at the cutting edge of suit making for over a decade. Constantly working with their athletes to improve and develop new suit following the ever evolving flying styles, Boogieman has a wide range of product, with suit specially dedicated to sky or tunnel flying, and even a

And most important : they make us look good !!!



Fly Cookie people :)  The leading manufacturer within the skydiving industry, the team has been working closely with these guys for years! The brand started in OZ run by 2 legend FS skydivers who needed a real job after so many years skydiving ;)

Cookie is now a global brand focused on delivering the most innovative helmet solutions for those who fly!


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