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I´m Kjersti, also known as Kitty-cat.

In 2012 I got tired of the busy city-life and moved to Voss. Thats probably one of the smartest decision I´ve made in a long time. I love this place!

In 2001 I started skydiving in DeLand (Florida) and quite soon after I realized that I loved the skydiving community maybe even better than actually jumping out of airplanes. I still skydive a little bit, and I hope that if I spend some more hours in the windtunnel, I will finally get to a level where I will love skydiving as much as the rest of my Joyrider team mates ;)



Kjersti Eide

My number one passion is BASE jumping with wingsuit, I did my first jump in 2007.

It´s a combination of long hikes, surrounded by beautiful and quiet scenery -and the hike ends with a flight along the side of the mountain.... it´s impossible to describe what an amazing feeling it is of fly next to a big wall, .... but it´s pretty cool ;)

I have also done some wingsuit speed races. I used to believe that I didn't care about the results, but last year I realized that I get quite grumpy if I fuck up... ;) During winter I love speedriding so it´s perfect to live in Voss where I can takeoff in the ski resort, and fly home to my backyard when I´m tired.


In December 2013 my Antarctic dream came true.... I´m superstoked that I was speedriding, basejumping, and climbing. The team did a new route on Ulvetanna, wich has been called "the hardest mountain in the world" (due mostly to it´s locality). 


I´m curious about what life has to offer, and I really enjoy being out of my comfort zone.


"I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that"



Deland, 2001



Skydive Voss



Nurse (ER and ICU)



2014: 3rd place in the world base race 

2013: 3rd place World Base Race

2013: 3rd place ProBaseRace world cup

2013: 16 way female world record.

2012: 2nd place World Base Race

2012: 10 way female world record. 

2011: 2nd place World Base Race

2010: 53 way base world record.





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