What Up.. I’m Anna

I live in Oslo and my passion is skydiving and flying!

I’m a 3rd generation skydiver and I LOVE to fly… no smoother feeling than flight I tell you :-)


My Joyriding team mates and I met at different events over the years.. we always tended to gravitate towards each other and cause trouble, so it seemed natural to build a team around our escapades..


I started skydiving in 2004, that's kinda late but in my family as EVERYONE skydives so my rebellion was to join a band! 




Anna Moxnes

After 8 years singing and dancing my ass of all around the UK I finally decided to try skydiving!


I travelled to Spain to learn to skydive with my uncle who had a school outside Barcelona! I have NEVER been so afraid in all my life! I took it for granted that it would be easy for me as I grew up around it! but no... I was terrified! THEN... Jump #3 came, my uncle let go flew around the front of me, and I was free.. in freefall, smiling at my favourite uncle and BOOM.... everything changed!


I moved directly to Spain to live with my uncle and his family and became consumed by skydiving and EVERYTHING that had to do with flying!


10 years on I am flying everyday and loving it now maybe even more than then.. if that is even possible ;)


And so... the story continues with some of the greatest girls on this earth!! They are all so gaad dam talented and I am privileged to be in a team with them ALL...


I hope you enJOY watching us try to out badass each other.. and I hope we give you a giggle along the way!


See ya

Anna xx

Home Drop Zone:

Skydive Voss (Norway)


Current positions:

Chief of operations Skydive Voss,

Manager The EdgE DA

Head of Skydiving, Extreme Sports Week


Skydive Achievements:

Norwegian freefly record holder

British freefly record holder

European freefly record holder

Womens freefly world record holder

World Freefly Record holder

Wind tunnel and freefly coach



UPT Vector (skydiving rig)

Cookie (helmets)

Performance Designs (skydiving canopys)

Larsen and Brusgaard (automatic altitude warning devices)

Boogieman (flying suits)

Vigil (automatic emergency parachute opening devices)


More Teammates

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The Joyriders // Magic Mountain // Skiple // Voss // 5706 // Norway

E-mail: info@joyriders.no

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