Sharon Har-Noy

My name is Sharon and as long as I can remember I always wanted to be in the air. Even as a kid
whenever I found myself on a high edge I was wondering how it will feel to hop off and fly. At the
time I was wondering if those thoughts and feelings might be a bit abnormal, but then I discovered


Israel, 2000






Tunnel & Skydiving Coach
Team member Joy Riders
Freefly Organizer World Wide
Indoor artistic FAI judge



2017: Woman Vertical World record : 65 way
2015: Bronze medal at Paraclete XP Championships
2015: Vertical World record : 163 way
2013: Woman Vertical World record : 63 way
2010: 1st Place, Israeli Nationals, Sade Teiman, Israel
         2nd Place, French Cup (guest team)
         10th Place, World Championships, Menzelinsk, Russia  
         Women’s vertical world record, Eloy, AZ
2009: Outstanding Athlete Award” given by the federation of non-Olympic sports in Israel.
2008: 13th Place, World Championship, Maubeuge, France

           Israeli record: Highest compulsory scoring average, Maubeuge, France. 2007: 1st Place, Israeli Nationals, Habonim Beach, Israel
          9th place, European Championship, Stupino, Russia
          10th Place, World Cup, Stupino, Russia
2006: Israeli Woman’s Formation Record, Habonim Beach, Israel
2005: Israeli Formation Record, Habonim Beach, Israel.



2006 – 2009 BA in Media studies and Management

School of Media Studies, The College of Management Academic studies, Israel


UPT Vector (skydiving rig)
Performance Designs (skydiving canopys)
Larsen and Brusgaard (automatic altitude warning devices)
Cookie (helmets)
Liquid Sky (flying suits)
Vigil (automatic emergency parachute opening devices)


I did my first jump at the age of 18 and it turned my world around. I found myself spending more and more time at the DZ, so eventually I started to work there.

Five years into the sport I co-founded the “BrainPOP” freefly team which won the Israeli nationals
and represented Israel in world competitions and events for 5 years. When it was time to end our
worldwide adventure as a team, I decided to move to the states to continue pursuing my passion.


I spent a year living in Raeford, NC, flying in the tunnel, and then moved to Deland, FL which has
been my home base ever since. I now travel the world, coaching, organizing and trying my best to
spread joy along the way.

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